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LED Light Source OSRAM , CREE, Philips, COB Or CSP
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Different Light Source have different characteristics. There are some mainly application LED Chips on LED Automotive market . Jenny will talk some of them here today.

Germany OSRAM LED is the world’s top led brand . Osram LEDs are clean clear pure white and lights more concentrate, it’s beam range is clear, no dark range . Most people are shocked by it’s pure white highlight.

Netherlands Philips LED also famous and widely application on high quality LED automotive market. It’s lights effect very clean white and Philips LED always make people feel very very comfortable eyes.

USA Cree LED is doing great at reduces drive losses and improves overall system luminous efficiency. It’s cost-effective better. This is a very important factor when in mass production manufacturers selecting light source for their products.

The widely use Light Source should be COB LED .Most COB LEDs are actually comes from China. As we all know, China can produce high quality products with less time, less cost. Made in China today has become a synonym for cost-effective.

CSP LEDs not are hot in Automotive headlight market. It’s not a fresh word, but become hot at 2016 Automotive market. CSP (Chip Scale Package)is based on flip chips technology, CSP refers to the package size and flip chip volume control to the same or the package size is not more than the flip chip size of 20%. In short, CSP is make LED smaller size with same power.

COB LED is still the mainstream on the market. COB Light source of a wider range of light efficiency,  but the color of COB LED is slightly turbid, not very clean white. It’s size bigger than those LEDs I have mentioned before. But considering the cost of mass production. You will find COB is so lovely. Non-professional buyers can not distinguish the light effect between CREE, Epistar, and COB. Because most end buyers seeing the lights by their eyes, not testing machines. The human eyes can identify the obvious characteristics of the light effect. But difficult to distinguish subtle difference in light effect.

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